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Designing bespoke modern country home on traditional rural estate

The brief


Private clients had been granted planning permission on appeal for the construction of their new home. They wanted a bespoke family home that would blend in with the Victorian aesthetic of the Peckforton Estate in Cheshire.


NWD’s approach


A member of NWD Architects’ team, Heather Done, an RIBA registered architect,  designed an individual bespoke four-bed family home  in a traditional cottage style. While enjoying modern luxury inside, its appearance is perfectly in keeping with the rest of the traditional houses developed on the Peckforton Estate, which were constructed in the 19th century.


The outcome


The challenge for the NWD Architects team was to achieve the client’s aspirations for the site, while ensuring that the final scheme would be acceptable to the local planning authority. As well as carrying out detailed research into local style and materials, holistic consideration was also given to the integration of renewables into the design to make the new home as sustainable as possible.

Peckforton 1.jpg
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