Retrofitting a new Vets4Pets veterinary surgery in an old fire station

The brief


Having worked with leading pet store company Pets at Home for over 20 years, NWD Architects has been involved in the evolution of its sister brand, Vets4Pets, into one of the UK’s leading veterinary groups, through its inclusion in many Pets at Home stores.


NWD Architects has also supported the company’s development of stand-alone practices nationwide, including a new veterinary surgery with an interior fit out and conversion at a former fire station in Hemsworth, Pontefract in Yorkshire.


NWD’s approach


NWD was responsible for the production of the new design concept, involving a detailed drawing package and site visits to ensure any design challenges were smoothed out prior to construction.


The fire station had numerous design challenges to work around, such as differing door widths and columns. This allowed NWD to be extremely creative with the layout, whilst also always considering the practicalities of the design, both for the construction and the day to day running of the facility. The design of the veterinary practice had to be considered from three perspectives; from that of the veterinary staff, the pet owners, and the pets, for how they would all use and feel in the space.


The outcome


This retrofitted project has retained the many unique features which sets this veterinary practice apart, leading to some interesting work-arounds, such as incorporating the original iron beams. NWD Architects liaised with all consultants involved, including Planning, Building Control, Structural Engineers and all suppliers to ensure good flow and ensure the required rooms all work and fit neatly and succinctly in the spaces available.