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Affordable Housing Scheme, Shavington, Cheshire

The provision of well-designed, affordable housing is becoming an issue of great national importance. Wulvern Housing Association, our longstanding client, is tasked with meeting local demand for delivering such housing, and appointed NWD Architects to design a high-quality development with a combination of apartments and terraced / semi-detached houses.

The houses are positioned so as to maximise the use of scarce housing land whilst avoiding subterranean services and enhancing the architectural 'grain' of the village. The existing mature trees and hedgerows are retained, and the houses aligned informally along a new tree lined access road and parking court.

This scheme was shortlisted for the 2018 LABC North West Building Excellence Awards.

Architet Chester Affordable Housing Soci
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Architect Shavington laffordable housing
Architect Shavington laffordable housing