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Home sweet home – the psychology of comfortable design.

Posted on 14/12/22

Here at NWD architects we design beautiful and unique properties for our clients. Whatever the design, grand, modern or country chic, the most important element is to create a home.

Balance style and comfort

Balancing style and comfort can be tricky. When designing your interiors, you not only want them to look good but to be functional and feel comfortable too. A design may look good but is not always the most comfortable to live with. It can be a good idea to mix and match designs, so you can combine a modern look with plush and cosy pieces. When designing the bedroom for example, you need to put calm and cosiness before everything else. The whole purpose of this room is to be relaxed, so you can be extravagant with the headboard for example, but ensure the mattress is the comfiest you can find.

Why does comfortable design matter?

A comfortable design for your home is important. Its helps towards leading a happy life as how it looks and feels has a direct effect on your mood. We need to feel safe and rested in our home environment; we associate it with peace and tranquillity and somewhere we can retreat to. We all lead busy lives with highs and lows at work and in our social and family life so our homes need to be a safe haven.

Colour palette

A splash of colour may seem an obvious part of decorating a home, but did you know how important the choice of the shades is? Colour has the power to invigorate, to calm and to enthuse. For example, red is known to energise, while serene blue is known to evoke calmness. Green is the colour of nature, with its brighter shades positively affecting concentration levels. Yellow is the colour of the sun and is proven to boost the hormone of happiness, serotonin. If you want your home to radiate optimism, consider using a shade of pink.

How to achieve comfort at home

Home design affects your mood in so many ways. The space you create is seen by you every day so it’s important to get it right. If you work from home, it needs to be a flexible environment with space that works well for your professional life as well as your ‘down’ time. Minimising or at least hiding clutter, will significantly impact your mood.

If you require help with designing a home or creating a new space, please contact us here.

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