Plans showing proposed building in Chester


Small footprint, big ideas – maximising your space when you are designing a house


Once you have a beautiful plot for your dream family home, with lots of ideas about what you want it to include you can be creative with space. Remember, you can have big ideas, even in a small footprint.It’s important when building a home to account for the practicalities. It’s a good idea to plan and make a list...
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The potential of outbuildings


With many of us having found new hobbies or past-times during the pandemic lockdowns, not to mention the workplace changes which have led to full-time home working or hybrid working, space to be able to comfortably do these things is at a premium. If your garage or outbuilding has become a dumping-ground for an accumulation...
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Interview with Kate Ashdown, Architectural Technologist


You do a lot of work with veterinary practices. What value do you think you can add to the projects you carry out for these very special places? Even when designing for a large group which is a very established brand, I always bring a fresh perspective to every space we design, ensuring there are always unique features...
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Planning to go green for your building project


The importance of taking sustainability into consideration from the earliest stages of a building and construction project has never been higher on the priority list. And planning at the early development stages means that prioritising sustainability won’t necessarily impact the overall cost either. There are lots of...
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EnerPHIT Retrofit 3: Why choose Passivhaus EnerPHit standard?


In my last article I talked about why we would be undertaking the renovation of the property we purchased and moved into earlier this year as a step-by-step process, rather than doing everything in one hit. I also made reference to the Passivhaus EnerPHit Retrofit Plan. I am a Certified Passvihaus designer so it won’t...
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Building Regs and Compliance – latest updates and how they affect design


With innovation comes legislative change – but often change doesn’t keep pace with innovation’s rapid pace. A good example of this is with the internet, where legislation often lags behind the development and popularity of online content. The construction industry also has to address ongoing innovation, when...
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