Plans showing proposed building in Chester


Home sweet home – the psychology of comfortable design.


Here at NWD architects we design beautiful and unique properties for our clients. Whatever the design, grand, modern or country chic, the most important element is to create a home.Balance style and comfortBalancing style and comfort can be tricky. When designing your interiors, you not only want them to look good but to be...
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Interview with Mark Bebbington, Senior Technician


What do you enjoy most about your job? The drawing is what I enjoy most but I also really enjoy meeting with and then building a relationship with a new client and just doing the best possible job I can for them.How did you get into architecture? I started working as a junior technician for a structural engineering...
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Budgeting for your project


Unless you are incredibly fortunate, most people embarking on a new project – whether it’s a new build, renovation or extension – have a budget that they need to adhere to. However, with the unknowns that any building project can throw up or the temptation of coming up with some added extras along the way,...
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EnerPHit Retrofit 5: Passivhaus Planning Package Results


In my last article I explained the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP) software package and how it accurately calculates a property’s heating load and its performance. I also detailed what standard I am aiming to achieve with the retrofit (EnerPHit Plus) I am carrying out at my family home. In this article I will cover...
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Space savers: making space in your home


When it comes to designing a house, the clever and imaginative use of space is one of the key factors at the forefront of our minds. With land prices what they are and developers striving to make the most of their investment, available land must be optimised. There is also the fact that inner city living can mean that space...
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Signature designs in Cheshire


The UK is renowned for its regional architecture, which is often defined by the materials at hand. We’ve all heard of York Stone, or Welsh Slate, and often whole regions are defined by the easily identifiable architecture. This of course influences architects and designers in their style of property and use of building...
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