Plans showing proposed building in Chester


The route to becoming registered conservation architects


One of our architects, Heather Done, has long been particularly interested in conservation architecture. She has worked on a range of our projects in recent years that have involved heritage buildings, from parts of rural estates to various beautiful barn conversions across Cheshire. Now Heather is taking the first step to...
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EnerPHit Retrofit 4: the Passivhaus Planning Package File


In this article I’ll touch lightly on the Passivhaus Planning Package (PHPP). This is a very complex Excel sheet that automatically computes vast amounts of data to determine the performance of a proposed building. The PHPP is the basis of every Passivhaus project and will be referred to throughout the process. It contains...
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Reclaiming the past: reclamation of old building materials can radically reduce environmental impact


Reclaimed materialsReclaimed materials are those that have been previously used in construction that are then reused in another project. The materials are not reprocessed in any way and retain their original form; they can be re-sized, altered, refinished and adapted. Materials that can be reclaimed include bricks, slate roofing...
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Searching for alternative energy. Wind or solar power in your home?


All of us are concerned about the cost of rocketing fuel bills. Many of us are also seeking ways in which we can lower our carbon footprint, whether by changing our diet or our shopping habits. We may be considering driving an electric car or growing more of our own food. Turning to the natural resources of the wind or the...
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All creatures great and small: building in a conservation area


Whether you have an existing property you’re looking to extend, or are dreaming of building something new, looking around at ground or even up at roof level might reveal a few surprises as to what other living creatures share your space. Some of them might need special considerations when it comes to planning being granted...
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Creating a wishlist for your new house


Many people may spend years dreaming about designing their own home. What ‘must have’ rooms it will include and how the rooms will be used. Some may go as far as visualising how the rooms will look and feel when it is complete and being used for family gatherings, Christmas parties and Sunday lunches. However, when...
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