Plans showing proposed building in Chester


Energy efficiency – the evidence for new-build


We have recently been involved with the design of a new nursing home at Plas Gwyn near Ruthin in North Wales. While exploring the possibility of designing an extension to the existing home, we reached some interesting conclusions. We found that it would be more beneficial in the long-term to build an entirely new care home...
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How to improve the energy efficiency of older buildings on rural estates


While new buildings can be designed to be energy efficient, when it comes to older buildings, there are myriad challenges to improving their energy efficiency. This is especially true if they are listed buildings or have historical significance, such as is often the case when forming part of a rural estate. Retrofitting energy...
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EnerPHit Retrofit 8: achieving Passivhaus standard airtightness between the wall and new floors


In my last blog, I explained how I was undertaking the mammoth task of replacing the floors to the ground floor of my new house. Once a floor was complete, it was important that I took positive steps to ensure a high level of airtightness at the junction between the walls and the floors.The Passivhaus Institut states that...
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EnerPHit Retrofit 7: replacing failed ground floors


As mentioned previously, we knew that there were serious issues with the ground floors at our new house before we purchased it. Once we had moved in, we had a good poke around and our investigation confirmed a lot of what we suspected! Basically, some of the floors had actually collapsed, and it seemed all of them had settled...
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Go retro – the multiple benefits of retrofitted property


With all the conversation in the UK around new-builds – and the nationwide need for them – it’s often forgotten that other options are available. Among the popular and feasible alternatives are retrofitting properties. Whether it’s converting retail into residential or upgrading existing premises to...
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EnerPHit Retrofit 6: planning the schedule of works


The sequencing of the works for Matt’s Passivhaus EnerPHIT project has been determined by a number of factors. In his sixth blog about his retrofit at his family home, he explains how important the scheduling of the works is for maximum efficiency.Starting from the bottom….and the top When we purchased the...
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