Plans showing proposed building in Chester


Interview with Heather Done, Architect


When did you decide you wanted to be an architect? I’ve been interested in house design since I was really young. It’s probably due to my parents. When I was a child they built no fewer than six houses! My dad was very involved with the building work, along with friends and family and my mum was brilliant at...
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Permitted development rights – what are they and what could they mean for you?


Permitted development rights were introduced in 1995 with the intention of making it easier to make straightforward changes to a property without having to make a full planning application.Nearly twenty years later, in 2013, these permitted development rights were altered so they did not just cover alternations to a residential...
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Wrapping up warm - insulating your property


With rising energy prices, it is understandable that many people are looking at ways to make their homes and workplaces more energy efficient. One way is through insulating your property. If your property has solid walls, you have the choice of both external or internal wall insulation. These will help to reduce heat loss through...
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Different types of architects - Who they are and what they do


Just as there are a number of design styles to choose from for your building or conversion project, so too are there several different kinds of architects to choose from to deliver your designs. Following extensive qualification studies and work experience, architects often choose to focus on one or more particular area...
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Building your career: becoming a chartered architect


Architecture offers an exciting career for talented individuals. Becoming a qualified architect needs much more than drawing talent and a strong creative streak however. Good maths, IT and computer skills are essential, along with a high level of accuracy, analytical skills and a genuine, deep interest in the built environment...
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Interview with David Tilley, Managing Director


What do you enjoy most about your job?One of my favourite pastimes is cycling and I do enjoy taking my bike out round our local areas in Cheshire and Shropshire and seeing the positive difference we have made to the built environment and really changed how people live their lives – whether that’s just designing...
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